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Project # 231    Last Updated: 09 November, 2014 প্লট বিক্রয়@ রূপসাগর ট্যুরিস্ট ভ্যালি

প্লট বিক্রয়@ রূপসাগর ট্যুরিস্ট ভ্যালি Location: Cox's Bazar, Chittagong, Bangladesh


এটিএকটি  এগ্রোইকোরিসোর্ট।আমরাপরিকল্পনাগ্রহণকরেছিপ্রায়২০০কটেজেরসমণ্বয়েবিশ্বমানেরএকটিরিসোর্টনির্মাণকরার।বর্তমানেরূপসাগরট্যুরিস্টভ্যালিতেপ্লটএবংমালিকানাবরাদ্দচলছে।২০১৫সালেইপ্রকল্পেরনির্মাণকাজশুরুহবে।


Handover Date: October 01, 2015
Sober Properties & Tourism
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Project # 230    Last Updated: 27 October, 2014 66 Decimal Land Pubail,

66 Decimal Land Pubail, Location: Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Pubail To Gazipur Main Road Face 92 Feet main road side high land Sale. 
66 Decimal Land Total. 
All documents & Position up to date. 

Handover Date: November 18, 2014
BDDL Properties Ltd.
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Project # 227    Last Updated: 20 October, 2014 126decimal land at Gazipu

126decimal land at Gazipu Location: Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

126 decimal land at Bangla Bazar Gazipur.

126 decimal/3.82bigha at Noya para, Bangla Bazar Gazipur.

Near Keya cosmetic, Unique Group, Energy pack land & Akram Chairman’s house. 5 km from Joina bazaar west side of Dhaka Maymensingh highway road.

Land Price: 1(One) lac taka. per decimal.

Also add 1% commission of total price as our service charge.

For further details,

Enamul Haque.

Middleman Company.     

Office Address: 205/1-A Hashem Tower 7th floor Tejgaon link road, Niketon Gulshan Dhaka.

Handover Date: December 30, 2014
Adee Builders Ltd..
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Project # 229    Last Updated: 12 October, 2014 Plots@Special Eid Offer

Hasan Homes & Developers Ltd Location: Keraniganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh

>> ঢাকার মধ্যে কেরানীগঞ্জে (ঢাকা-মাওয়া রোড সংলগ্ন) এখনই বাড়ি করার উপযোগী নিস্কন্টকজমি নগদ বা কিস্তিতে স্পেশাল ঈদ অফারে বিক্রয় হচ্ছে।

>> কোম্পানির নিজস্ব গাড়িতে প্রকল্প ভিজিট করতে পারেন সপ্তাহের যে কোন সময়,
যে কোন দিন।
>> প্রথমে প্রকল্প ভিজিট করুন, পরে সিদ্ধান্ত নিন।

::প্রকল্পের বৈশিষ্ট::
>>এখনই বাড়ি করার উপযোগী।
>> বুড়িগঙ্গা ১ম ও ২য় ব্রিজ থেকে মাত্র ৮থেকে ১০ কিমি ভেতরে।
>> রাজউক ও ড্যাব এর আওতাধীন।
>> ৭দিনের মধ্যে হস্তান্তর যোগ্য একক মালিকানার নিস্কন্টক জমি।

>>প্লট সাইজ: ৩ কাঠা।
[অফারটি চলবে ২৩/১০/২০১৪ইং পর্যন্ত]

Handover Date: January 02, 2017

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Project # 23    Last Updated: 12 October, 2014 Peace City

Peace Real Estate Ltd. Location: DOHS Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Handover Date: February 08, 2017

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Project # 106    Last Updated: 12 October, 2014 5k plot at ASHIYAN CITY

5k plot at ASHIYAN CITY Location: Purbachal, Dhaka, Bangladesh

There have ready and under develop plot .at ashiyan shitol chaya where bangladesh army have 5500 plot .it  develop is runing.so you can buy a plot at ashiyan shitol chaya.

actual rate per katha 3k = 36lac

present price 3k=  26lac

save 3k=  10 lac

Handover Date: March 06, 2017
Ashiyan Group
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Project # 22    Last Updated: 12 October, 2014 Peace Green Land

Peace Real Estate Ltd. Location: Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Residence is one of the fundamental needs of human. It is stated in holly Quran- Allah made your house as your residence. (Sura: Nahal).

Every man dreams of a “dream house” for his and his future generations which will be well planned, hygienic, and free from noise pollution and traffic jam and surrounded by tree shadings. The place where he will get satisfaction and pleasure after returning from whole day work and tiredness. But dreams are breaking due to the trap of advertisements and fake greed from few dishonest housing businessman and contractor. That is why, to make dream come true in life of the people, The Peace Real Estate Ltd. has become capable to make a vibration in the world of housing by honesty, expertise, dedication and keeping words.  Peace garden city and An-Namy River View City has achieved the attention of people by keeping the trust and reliance of the customers.

Type of land:  4 to 10 Shotok

Number of In
Handover Date: January 11, 2016

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Project # 24    Last Updated: 12 October, 2014 Green Village@ Karanigonj

Green Shadow Group Location: Keraniganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Our project is naturaly high land. Free from flood flow zone and agriculture zone. 3, 4 & 5 katha plot avelable here. There are more urban facilites in our project. You can make a beautyful house right now. 

Green Village is located keraniganj,beside of burigonga river. 15 min away from mohammadpur. and 10 min away from amin bazar. Beside of proposed 130 feet road with awal market.  

Handover Date: June 08, 2016

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Project # 197    Last Updated: 12 October, 2014 Land in-front of Motijhil

Land in-front of Motijhil Location: Keraniganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh

We want to sell lands/plot which is nearby Motijhil area. It takes only 15 minutes drive from motijhil. The project is situated at Dhaka-Maowa road (completely high land). Suitable places are available right at the moment. We sale 3 katha, 5 katha and 10 katha land. Booking money is only 10,000/- taka (per katha). Down Payment negotiable. completely free of road traffic jam because of Jatrabari over-bridge. Colleges, Universities,hospitals,lake, play ground, madrasa, mosque, graveyard, community center, shopping mall, bazaar, health club, swimming pool are already (currently) nearby from our project and these features will be available in future inside our project. Also natural scenarios such as rivers (Buriganga, Padma) is in-front of our project. amusement park is just 10 minutes from our project for your family. Read brochure to know about our project's.
Handover Date: January 07, 2015

Venus Home Ltd.
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Project # 200    Last Updated: 12 October, 2014 Land for sale at Armanito

Land for sale at Armanito Location: Wari, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Land for sale at Armanitola Dhaka.

House# 5, D.C Roy Lane Armanitola, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

16 katha, 2 storied old building. 1.50 crore per katha.

Package price: 24 crore. All papers up to date.

Also add 1% commission of total price as our service charge

Handover Date: February 24, 2014
Style Real State Ltd.
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