Mike Wang wants to rent a Commercial Building at Satkania, Dhaka

We need to rent a factory in Dhaka, requirements: option 1: storied building ( total area Min. 76000 sqft), ground floor 15 ft high, 150 ft long and 120 ft wide; or option 2: storied building (total area Min. 76000 sqft), ground floor any high,long and wide, but with a big yard (Min. 5500 sqft); or option 3: any building with Min. 15ft height, 150ft length and 120ft width, and together with available storied building nearby (total area 76000 sqft); or option 4: industrial shed, min. 15 ft high and total area min. 76000 sqft. All options shall be at good location for crane and 40ft container truck getting through easily.